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About Me

Hiii All………

Welcome to my blog. I am Tina Roth and I blog about personal finance. I deliver helpful advice on how to make money, how to attain financial freedom, how to gain knowledge in stock market, how to overcome debt and so on.

Oftentimes, it’s not the advice that makes a difference, but how it is being implemented. Advice are sometimes hard to implement, but the ones you’ll get from me will not be so.

But aren’t you curious who I am?

While growing my financial blog, I’ve made it one of my goals to filter through all that noise and focus on the tips and tricks that really helped me to reach my goals. But I am not alone, I believe you too have a story to share. So if you want to share your personal story here on my blog reach me at tina(-at-) personalfinanceadvices (.)comI accept guest posts for fellow personal finance blogs. Feel free to reach me any time.

Before graduating, I was like any other teenage girl on the street, oblivious to the harsh realities of life. But overcoming debt taught me so many things. My first-hand experience of overcoming debt can help you:

  • Become free from debt
  • Build wealth
  • Understand how finance affects your life

The vicious spiral of debt is nothing short of a blood-suckling monster. It can sap life out of a person if he fails to offload its burden. I had several debts – some were on my credit card, some were from community lending agencies. Repaying them was a challenge for me.

I met the challenge

No, I didn’t chicken out and begged my father to pay off my debt. I found ways to overcome the debt. Here are some of the strategies I followed:

  • Paid one debt at a time
  • Prioritized clearing those debts that had highest interest rate and smallest balance
  • Paid the whole debt, not the minimum amount

Meanwhile, I didn’t accumulate new debt. I put a leash on my spending habit. And with time, I cleared all my debts.

Personal finance to me

Personal finance is an umbrella term. It includes all aspects that bind our financial lives. Whether it’s budgeting or mortgage property investment, if it affects an individual’s finances, then it qualifies as personal finance.

Because this definition of personal finance is too broad, almost every part of a person’s life comes under it. How he plans his spending, whether he clears his credit card dues on time, his investment decisions, his personal banking problems – all are related to personal finance and my advice cover all of them.

The lessons I learned

The first lesson I learned was financial hardship is real, and so are the lessons that one learns from it. However, I feel learning the lessons depends on the individual. If you are not receptive, then you won’t learn anything and look at the hardship from a shallow angle.

Nevertheless, I can assure you that visiting my blog can change your perspective. You can get useful advice on overcoming the financial hardship, as well as learn your lesson.

The second lesson was that nothing is more important than saving. The media and people around us encourage us to spend. The wise thing, however, is to save. Save a dime today, and a dollar will be for you tomorrow.

I empower my readers

Yup, that’s what I do. I didn’t have anyone to help me when I was in need. So, I took it upon myself to help people who are struggling with overwhelming debt. That’s the reason I started this blog.

Very simply put, I financially empower my readers. The kind of empowerment that everyone needs, but for different reasons.

A college student needs it so that he can discover new avenues for earning and pay off his student loan soon. A sales manager needs my advice to be able to lower his company’s profit margin. A single mom needs my advice to manage her daily expenses better.

Nothing is more empowering than being able to live your life in your own terms. And that’s possible only when you attain financial freedom. Through my blog, I help readers achieve financial freedom and enjoy true empowerment.

My vision

Helping people getting rid of their financial problems has been my motivation as well as my achievement. I have a vision for the future. I want to contribute to the creation of a society where everyone is armed with sufficient financial knowledge and they can solve their problems themselves, without needing anyone’s help. Setting up this blog is a step taken towards that direction.