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Financial Planning Tips

Top 8 Financial Planning Tips Right from the Experts

With the beginning of a new year, most people became busy in setting their financial goals. When it comes to personal finance advice, hardly anyone ignores. To learn the finance management strategy, you perhaps won’t mind seating in front of the computer screen for hours. Even after learning those tips, you sometimes fail to achieve...CONTINUE READING
Divorcing Women Should Know About her Marital Funds

What a Divorcing Women Should Know About her Marital Funds

To many people ‘Divorce is as painful as death itself.’ However, that doesn’t mean to make financial mistakes by becoming emotional at the negotiating table. When it comes to distributing the marital properties, couples think mainly about the biggest ones. Who is going to get the cars, houses etc., concern them the most? By giving...CONTINUE READING
Negotiating with the Creditor

How to Achieve Success in Negotiating with the Creditor

Negotiation requires skills. Not everyone possesses such skills. Business negotiations are easier because if the negotiation fails, the negotiator only loses out on potential opportunities. But when negotiating with creditors, a failure may result in bankruptcy. It’s imperative for all credit card holders to know how to negotiate with creditors. In this article, I’ll lay...CONTINUE READING